2nd AWARE Team at the WAIS

Colin Jenkinson is not left alone at the WAIS. Ryan Scott eagerly arrived and joined Colin for 5 weeks at the WAIS. They were later joined by Greg Stone in the last week of the mission. While they were there, Colin and Ryan launched 4 sondes per day. Ryan’s additional role was to garner the best dataset they could possibly … Read More

Nature Journal Article Published About AWARE Mission

The International Weekly Journal of Science, Nature, published the article “The Antarctic Clouds Studied for First Time in Five Decades” by author, Alexandra Witze. See the posted article here by permission of Nature – News: http://www.nature.com/news/antarctic-clouds-studied-for-first-time-in-five-decades-1.19110

Ryan Scott Arrives at the WAIS Divide

Colin Jenkinson (BOM) remained at WAIS Divide after the 1st team left, but he was not left alone for long. Ryan Scott (SIO) arrived today at the WAIS Divide and is now working with Colin, forming the 2nd AWARE Mission team. After Ryan’s arrival today, he will spend 5 weeks working at the WAIS facility. Ryan and Colin’s work together … Read More

Ryan Scott arrived at McMurdo, then, going on to the WAIS . . .

Ryan Scott (Doctoral Candidate, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, (SIO) – UCSD) arrived at McMurdo today. From December 2015 to February 2016, Ryan will provide scientific and field support to AWARE at the WAIS Divide Ice Camp Extended Facility, followed by the AMF2 CosRay site at McMurdo. In addition to close monitoring of the weather, his daily activities include launching radiosondes, … Read More

OSU Polar Meteorology Group Gives Weather Support for AWARE Mission

The Ohio State University, Polar Meteorology Group provides weather and climate information in support of the ongoing AWARE field campaign. This information is particularly important at a time when an unusually strong El Niño event is unfolding in the equatorial Pacific. This kind of event can leave a significant imprint on the weather and climate of West Antarctica through atmospheric … Read More

Instruments Operational at the WAIS Divide

AMF equipment at WAIS Divide. Left to right: Total Sky Imager (TSI) and Ceilometer, Microwave radiometer (MWR) farther back by itself, the container with most of the instruments and data system, liquid nitrogen supply (yellow crates) for the GVRP microwave profiling radiometer, and the GNDRAD system – 06 December 2015       Photo on “Read More . . .”

First Sonde Constructed at the WAIS Since 1967

The prime motivation for the AWARE Mission is to resume climatological field work, since there has been no substantial atmospheric science or climatological field work on West Antarctica since that started during the 1957 International Geophysical Year (and continued for just a few years afterward). For several decades, direct meteorological information on the WAIS has been limited to a few … Read More

AWARE Team Arrives at WAIS Divide

The AWARE field party arrives at WAIS Divide Ice Camp. Left to right: Mike Ryczek (BOM), Dan Lubin (SIO-CASPO), Colin Jenkinson (BOM), and Heath Powers (LANL) – 02 December 2015 See Photo on “Read More . . .”

NSF Rep Tours CosRay Facility

Principal Investigator Dan Lubin (right) and ARM Facility Manager Kim Nitschke (center) give NSF Representative Jessie Crain a tour of the AMF-2 rooftop installation. Instruments in the foreground are the SKYRAD radiometers. Instruments in the background are the Beam-Steerable Radar Wind Profiler (BSRWP) and the Ka-band ARM Zenith Radar (KAZR) – 20 November 2015     Photo on “Read More”

AWARE Team Arrives at McMurdo Station – Antarctica

November 6, 2015. The AWARE Team arrives at McMurdo Station. Back row, left to right: Greg Stone, Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM); Iosif “Andrei” Lindenmaier, PNNL; Jody Ellis, Hamelmann Communications; Maciej “Mike” Ryczek, BOM; Krzysztof Krzton, BOM; Paul Ortega, LANL; Heath Powers, LANL; Kim Nitschke, LANL. Front row left to right: Dan Lubin, SIO; Colin Jenkinson, BOM; John Hamelmann, Hamelmann … Read More